Loan Programs

Fix & Flip 


Short-term financing for the purchase & rehab of non-owner occupied properties.


  • Loan Amount $75K-$25M for 1-4 family, condos, & townhouses. $250K - $10M* for Multi Family (5+)/

  • Minimum FICO: 620

  • Rates: As low as 9.75%

  • Term Length: Up to 18 Months 

New Construction

Financing for builders, developers, & investors finance new construction projects for residential  1-4 unit property types.

  • Loan Amount: $50k-$2 Million

  • Minimum FICO: 680

  • Rates: as low as 9.75% 

  • Term Length: Up to 18 months


Short term bridge loans for residential and commercial property types up to 12-36 months. Whether you are doing value add or renovation, we look at all make sense deals up to $30 Million. Rates as low as 9.75%


 Long term financing partner, helping you build a rental portfolio. 1-4 units, portfolio loans with a DSCR as low as 0.80, Interest Rates as low as 7.25%

  • Loan Amount: $75k-$50 Million

  • Minimum FICO: 600

  • Rates: Starting @ 7.25%

  • Terms: 30 Years 

Transactional Funding

Short term loan to wholesalers who purchase and quickly re-sell a property the same day. "Double Closing" 

  • Loan Amount: $50k-$1M

  • Minimum FICO: None